It isn’t the easiest thing to do but it’s part of this journey. What are some of the tips for ensuring this is done properly?

Tip 1 – Set your own objectives to your resignation speech.

Most articles online would advise you to keep it positive or keep it real. What does it mean?

a) To Start – acknowledge the appreciation of the effort.

Worst Scenario: Boss only has 5 mins – appreciate it.

Best Scenario: Boss allocated 1 hour, took you out for a meal, wanting to ensure there is a way to retain you – APPRECIATE IT.

b) Have 3 points for resignation.

By this time, please ensure you know what you are doing – and the aim here is to resign. The 3 points should be solid that it will not have anyone challenging it. Need examples?

  • Personal Reason – Health, Soul Searching, Family etc.
  • Career Progression – Ensure you are clear about your career objectives, what excites you on work, what kind of work environment would excite you. (Note: If you are trying to “fish” a job offer – please do your research well enough and seed enough information about that job so management could suggest it.)
  • Compensation – Be sure you are fully prepared to justify your ask. Summarise your achievements accordingly to your goals, and how you went beyond what your role to achieve Game Changing results.

c) Leave an open-ended conversation – to ensure there is two-way discussion.

Best Scenario: Boss gives their counter-speech, and challenges your resignation. Keep your calmness and maintain those 3 points and repeat them if you have to. Be very open to any opportunity and keep the conversation positive. It’s extremely easy for the conversation to turn into a “blame” game. So keep it positive.

Worst Scenario: Boss stood up and left. (Well – if that’s it you are okay).

Worst Worst Scenario: Boss stood up and left. You get a lawyer letter. (YOU ARE SCREWED).

Tip 2 – Read your offer letter (at least 5 times).

This is almost as important as designing your resignation letter. Three things to watch out for.

a) Termination Notice – just so you know the period of time from your official resignation letter. Ensure that this is properly communicated to the next company you join or the next adventure you have.

b) Salary Date – plan your resignation date around your payday – so you get paid on the properly. But if you can’t stand your colleagues or boss any longer – then just plan EXIT immediately!

c) Benefits – be sure you are clear on the benefits and the exact amount you can withdraw from it. Remember to do all your claims!

Tip 3 – Craft your resignation letter.

I love that this article has multiple resignation letters with different situations. Good luck! The only advice here is to keep it positive (NO MATTER how bad the situation is).

Start with acknowledging the opportunity that they have given you. Move into the reason why you are leaving.

Boost it up with giving confidence to the transition and candidate recommendation.

End it with being grateful for the opportunity and look forward to future.

Good luck peeps!! 3 more months to go!

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