El Nido, Palawan, Philippines




There are two airports for you to reach paradise – and here are some points to help you make the decision.

El Nido PPS
AirSwift only – daily flights.


Air Swift is the charter company for El Nido Resorts.

Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, Philippines Airlines and other airlines.
20 mins tricycle ride 5-6 hours ride (including stops), probably less if private.


  1. Have a mindset that it’s a “bus” service where they will try to fill up the van with people as they travel to El Nido.
  2. Research online reading the reviews. Camarih was the company I used – it’s not superb but good enough to get you to El Nido. I’ve read online that many blogs actually recommend DaytripperPalawan. However, they only depart 10am daily.
  3. If you are traveling alone, take the co-driver seat – you will have legroom and have a seat to yourself. If you are traveling with group – try to get the front row to have legroom.
  4. Make sure you pre-arrange the transportation properly according to your landing time. If for some weird reason you wouldn’t be able to book online, I would highly recommend for you to land and buy a ticket at the terminal so you can get to El Nido immediately.


The form of transportation within the island is limited to the tricycle. From your resort to town or Las Casbanas typically about 50-150 PESOS. Best to always ask the resort as a reference and be confident about quoting a price.



  1. Tip : Opt in for privately organized session if you have limited time – you would be able to pick the best places possible to hop. The typical Tour A, B, C, D are fixed with different attraction – some are good some are so-so.
  2. Tip : Island Hopping is super popular, if you opt in for private session, the best way to do the private tour would be the other way around .. C … B… and then A.
  3. Tip : If you are a diver, I would strongly you have a discussion with Nomads Diving Center – as they would even do island hopping for you to Big Lagoon.

nomads diving center

My favorite islands

Snake Island

Processed with MOLDIVThis would be the arrival view.

As you climb up the hill – you will get a view in which shows the “snake” path to the other side.

Snake Island raw

Big Lagoon

Processed with MOLDIV

Big Lagoon is breath taking!! Usually, the boat will dock here for lunch. Having food with this beautiful view such a great way to relax.

Mantinloc Shrine

Processed with MOLDIV

Mantinloc Shrine is a must!! You would need to climb up the peak to get a great shot of the view. My main cover photo is from Mantinloc Shrine.


When you are done with island hopping, there are a couple of things on the island.

  • Waterfall – There are two waterfalls, when I was there in May, the bigger waterfall with three waterfalls was low in the water. We were recommended to visit this waterfall – there is a bit of a hike (45mins) but it’s worth it.

Processed with MOLDIV

  • Zipline – this was my first zip line – it was super fun! You could opt in different position – Superman Position or Sit Position. I was pretty excited – here is the video.


  • Canopy Walk – this is definitely Instagram-worthy activity. There is a bit of walking uphill to get to the top! It’s quite fun with the guide. Snap snap snap!

Processed with MOLDIV

Once you are up there you will have this beautiful view to the left side overseeing the island.

Canopy Walk top view left

You then have the other side of town, I love how the ships/boats are just anchored in some artistic way.

Canopy Walk - top view

  • Sunset cafés – there are a couple of sunset cafes or bars around this area. I would highly recommend Sun Bar.


  • Sava – this place is the nightlife of El Nido, be sure to check this place out and ensure you are wearing comfy clothes as the weather of this club could get warm, it’s an open air concept.
  • Sun Bar

I took the most beautiful piece at Sunbar with the sunset music – this is THE place for chilling out after a long day of activities.

Processed with MOLDIV

  • La Plage – another beautiful bar to chill out after a long day. The Airbnb place that I recommend is right next to La Plage. Great place to connect to your Globe 3G/4G.


  • Altrove – this is my fav restaurant in El Nido – it’s a little Italian joint which has only 15 tables and if you head there about 8pm – waiting time in line would be 30mins.

altrove menu

The Spaghetti is cooked to perfection – with the pasta soft inside and a hard outer layer which makes it very chewy and delicious.

Altrove Speghetti

The Pizza is superb as their specialty here is their mozzarella – it’s super creamy.

altrove pizza


I stayed at this beautiful Villa – it’s a 2 bedroom villa located right along side of La Plage and walking distance to Nomads (diving center) as well as the Island Hopping Station. There are many breakfast places just a few doors away. Super secured with a private security guard. Internet WIFI dongle is provided which is an additional bonus! From this place to the main town is only 50 pesos, from this place to Zipline / Las Cabanas – 100 pesos.


Some of the places have WIFI, the Airbnb place provides internet dongle so you can travel around with it but it’s best to get your own SIM Card (Globe is the better telco for Palawan) at Manila Airport when you are doing a transit. El Nido airport does not have a SIM Card store. However, you should just chill out and enjoy the paradise without internet. Random tip, there is strong internet connection at Big Lagoon.


Bring lots of cash – there is only one Bank with ATM machine but most of the time it doesn’t work. Currency exchange stores accept – USD/ SGD/ JPY or a majority of the international currencies. There is about 3-4 currency exchange place in town. Easy to find.


Until next time! 

Cathedral Cave raw

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