Where am I going? What am I doing?
These are the top two questions I’ve been asked in the last few months.

I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about leaving Asia and leaving the corporate world. I will miss the early morning / late night con calls in my pyjamas. I will also miss the adrenaline mode to pow through 72 hours of last minute changes before big events. It’s amazing to reflect upon how the mind controls the body when it needs to. Will I miss working? What do you think? ^_^

It’s been 5 years (accumulated) living in Singapore, 2 years in Vietnam, 5 years in the Philippines and more than 20 years in Malaysia. Did I just disclose my age? Lol. Life passes you by. If I haven’t gotten the chance to say this in person – BIG thank you so much for all the support, love and friendship you have shown to me. I’ll miss you all so much.

In the next few months – you will be seeing updates of my 100days Journey and it will probably extend beyond 100days. Plans are always changing with new inspirations and directions. You can inspire me by leaving a comment or sending me links.

What’s the plan?

Kicking off with 17 days in Japan, spending birthday week in Malaysia, then off to Hawaii early July. Spending 2 weeks in Hawaii, catching Bruno Mars concert, meeting some good friends in LA, taking up some cooking classes in Mexico and over to Europe and Africa.

Stay tune to the next post!

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