Hawaii Holiday


Top Places I would recommend to visit when you are in Hawaii:

HONOLULU (OAHU) – the most commercialized island in Hawaii.

Best Food I’ve had:

From LEFT TO RIGHT | Ai Love Nalo – Vegan Food, Ono Seafood – Original Poke, Waialua Bakery & Juice Bar –  Best Sandwich in Honolulu,

BOTTOM | Yanagi Sushi – one of the best Japanese in Honolulu.


Best Activities to do:

    • Northshore – For the daredevils, swimming with the sharks in a human cage is one of a life experience that’s pretty awesome. However, if you are crazy daredevil then I would strongly advise diving without the cage.

shark diving

    • Byodo Temple – It is such a peaceful and beautiful area to visit from the busy town. (Opens 9am – 5pm. General Admission $5.00 (ages 13-64), $4.00 Seniors (age 65 & up), $2.00 Children (2-12 years). Cash Only.)
  1. 1d - byodo temple
    • Waikiki Beach – THE HAWAII must-go beach, it’s the busiest beach in town. Try heading there early in the morning to avoid crowds – but it’s such a beautiful place to take a photo.

1e - waikiki front

    • Nightlife at Waikiki – my favorite two bars | In Between Bar (good karaoke bar)/ Kelley O’Neil’s  (good live band and easy place to meet new friends)
    • Pearl Harbour is a great way to learn about the history of Hawaii, I would strongly advise that you have this pre-booked with the tour if possible. They are expert to ensure you arrive on the right time and help ensure it’s a smooth process for you to enter. 1f - pearl harbour
    • Sunset Sail on catamaran boat – it’s only this way you are able to see more of Honolulu from the water. This picture of Diamond head with the rainbow can only be taken from the water.

1g - sunset sail double rainbow

MAUI – the adventurous island in Hawaii. 

Best Food I’ve had:

TOP | Coconut Fish Cafe – Mango Fish and Fried Shrimps

BOTTOM | Polli’s Mexican Restaurant – Taco

Best Activities to do:

  • Rent a car and drive across the island. Most rentals would discourage or ban you from driving through the rough road after Hana Hwy. The road is rough and very bumpy, you just need to drive carefully, however, it is such an amazing drive. There are multiple waterfalls along the way – but the best one would be the famous Three Waterfall – Upper Waikani Falls.

2b - three falls

  • Along the Hana Trail, you should stop at Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach – you need to hike to the end (about less than 20mins). You will find this red beauty hidden to the left of the picture.

2c - red sea

  • Haleakala Creator – if you are not hiking, I truly recommend that you can just drive up to take a photo. Please ensure you bring extra clothing as it will be very cold.

Processed with MOLDIV


BIG ISLAND (KONA) – the biggest island in Hawaii. 

Best Activities to do:

  • This is my favorite hike in Hawaii – Pololu Valley Lookout point (only 2.5miles hike). You will discover the beautiful Black Sand Beach!

3a - pololu lookout

  • Kilauea Visitor Center – please try to catch their park ranger tour, on this tour they will tell you the mysterious stories about Pele (the Fire Goddess) who is my Hawaiian idol of all times. 3b - kilauea visitor center
  • Night Diving with Manta Ray is amazing, as a Diver, you will never get this close to Manta Rays – they will never want to touch you. However, here they will!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 10.53.41 pm

  • Rainbow Falls is located in Hilo, it is 80ft (24m) tall. It’s disappointing that you can’t swim in it – and you are only able to look at it from afar.

3d - rainbow falls

  • Hilo Farmer’s Market – Farmer’s market is something that I enjoy, they have some unique Hawaiian produced goods here. This market is only available Saturday 6am – 4pm. If you happen to be there on Saturday – try to plan this as you drive your way to Hilo.

3e - hilo market

  • Pee Pee Falls (Also known as Boiling Pots) – is a beautiful hike in which you are able to get wet. This fall is more adventurous and more attractive than the other ones. This allows you to swim!

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I rented a car in most of the time – it’s best to rent them online. Driving your own car gives you the capability to take beautiful lookout photos such as this.

Driving finale

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for next destination – Mexico!

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