Endless searching for the right train found a window seat, it’s time to just take a breather as I have about 4 hours before arrival. I could finally put down my 13kg backpack and chill. Having random thoughts in my head about my trip so far, not knowing what the future lies ahead of me… I start putting my favorite traveling song “Felices los 4” – somehow this song keeps me in this light and happy mood. Thinking back to my travel in Spain… such a fun country!

I’m glad I picked the right side, as you could see the endless coastline of the West side of Italy. Every now and then – you get this beautiful scenery and it would be too late to take a photo when you manage to get your phone into the right angle. I gave up trying to take a beautiful photo and chose to just enjoy the scenery.


As we make a quick stop to the next station – there were three senior citizens that got onboard and looking for places to sit. This old man stood from what seemed to be his wife and walked over to where I’m seated. He goes “May I sit here? The train is heading the opposite direction. I wanted to sit next to a good looking lady and needed some time away from my wife.” I nodded “Okay”.


We started exchanging the purpose of the train ride – I was someone who is looking for my next home traveling the world. He asked if I was traveling with dad’s money – I felt a little bit annoyed however, I responded positively that I thank him for his compliment on the aging assumption. I said proudly that I was already 33 years old and my story. He was very shocked and amazed at a little bit of guilt… I asked him to ensure there was no awkwardness in the conversation “How long are you and your wife married?”


He and his wife have been married for about more than 50 years. I was amazed and I asked further “What’s the secret?”


Marriage isn’t just marrying that young hot thing; marriage isn’t perfect. There is no secret to marriage, seeing her in different stages in the same value as to how you fell in love with her is important. Growing with her is the key.


He then told me about how he’s living his daily life wishing that it would rain every day. If it doesn’t rain, then it’s a good day as you can do many things… but if it rains – his dream would come true. I had to ponder on this statement, as it is a somewhat gloomy statement. If I understood this correctly, I would say the way I perceive it would be that it is within our own control on how we can feel each day – it starts from being aware and then understanding your own expectation.


We both laugh as he shares some of his “pick up stories” and he tells me his trick of buying the prettiest girl in the bar a drink. Telling her to come back to him at the end of the night if she couldn’t find anyone else interesting to talk to. He would rather “invest” time to girls who are interested instead of going after girls who aren’t interested and trying to convince them otherwise.


It’s interesting that a lot of his stories in which he shares with meaningful life lessons lies when he was young. This keeps me thinking a lot about my journey and what kind of stories I would like to teach to my next generation.





  1. Not easy to live together as life partner. We as human being are not perfect and this always being an expectation of life partner since day one both met where love perhaps has blindfold the inperfection till …Hence in life we need to manage our expectation n appreciate what the God has given us.


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