Many of us grew up with “Happily ever after” stories, where a princess meets the prince and after an adventurous journey to find one another – they get married and lived happily ever after! What movies generally skip are the hardships of the relationships, the real story of building a family – I guess we have to save that for the TV series production crew. We often have one-time over the coffee conversation about issues with fairytales and we go on living our lives after that discussion. If you think deeper, it does cut into a bigger root of how we grew up (or at least for me).

In this modern society, we often find ourselves trying to balance our expectation about thinking about the future and hoping to meet the prince charming. In my journey of finding myself, I finally discover meditation – and in order to ensure I practice meditation in a correct manner – I then found myself applying and being accepted into the 10 days Vipassana meditation course in Nepal. The universe has a wonderful and beautiful way of making things happen for you. During the course, I found myself attracted to this beautiful word – “Anicca”, which means impermanence and that everything changes.

Goenkaji (authorized teacher Vipassana from ) who is like a grandfather with lots of bedtime stories, we get to meet him every day at 8-9pm during the course. I’m like a kid waiting for his session every day.


In one of the many stories, he told us about this word Anicca. There were two brothers – elder and younger. Father left the two boys with money, in which they have divided equally among the two. Many months later, one of the brothers found that the father has also left two rings – one with diamond, and one of a copper ring. The elder brother immediately wanted the ring with diamond. He then tells the younger brother that the diamond ring is a family tradition handed down by generation and that he should get the ring to safe keep to the next generation. The younger brother agrees.


Through seasons where summer is enjoyable, the elder brother suffered tremendously through winter. He was not enjoying winter and he was frustrated with the weather change and became depressed. Soon, he fell so sick and got weaker as the weather got colder and colder.


On the other hand, the younger brother found a small message on the copper ring “everything changes”. This must be a message from father – he then repeats this message whenever possible. During summer, he enjoyed the sun but then he kept looking at the ring and said to himself “everything changes”. He looks forward to the change came winter – it was very cold, his thought went back to the message of “everything changes” and look forward to the next season. He survived through the seasons.


As for me, this word “Anicca” – everything changes, constantly reminds me to see things differently. There are constant changes in the world that are happening in seconds – I start looking at trees, ocean, animals, water, buildings – any solid things in the world, there is a small vibration of changes happening every second.


I was constantly looking for the perfect home that was the next permanent base. The tattoo on my left arm dated my first day in Tokyo, Japan of the journey to find this home – and I’ve reserved the right arm for when I find the place to state a mark that I am home. With this word “Anicca” I immediately knew that I needed that reminder word on my right arm. This is a constant reminder that I should not have an expectation to find the perfect home – as things will constantly change. This word has helped me in the process of setting up my healing center. My purpose now is to find the right energy that will help set this up while having an awareness that there will always be changes.

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