I’ve been to Tokyo (Click here to read Visit Japan Blog) for work – and it never fails to amaze me. Every corner of the street – you learn something unique and different. This city shocks my system and then it inspires me – it feeds me creativity and drives me to think that everything is possible.

I grew up in a very typical traditional environment where you are constantly being compared to the community. There are stipulations on what is the right way of living. Everyone should be this and should be that. This pushes me to be different – the urge to stand out and to be unique. Unicorn is the iconic representative of what I would want to be – freedom to be unique.

I’ve climbed the corporate ladder for 15 years, had my hands into doing small businesses as well – I am now currently 34YO. To the society, I should be married with children. That life feels like a lifetime away from me, it isn’t me. I decided that it’s time to focus on my inner self – on the first day of my soul-searching trip, having to land in Tokyo – it came to me that I should have a unicorn tattooed onto my left arm. It’s a constant reminder of who I am.


Every city that I’ve been is a teacher to me – having to walk around Tokyo gives me this confidence that everyone CAN be different and life doesn’t have to be fitting into a template. If you do something that is outside the box, as long as you are happy with that – then it’s all right. Many of us live our life according to what people tell you to do or worried about how others will judge you. When life gets hard – most people who are judging you won’t be lending their hands to help you. If they do, please keep them as part of your support pillar.

My life story is a roller coaster ride; I’ve much to learn in life and much to learn in love. Through the ups and downs, I am extremely lucky to have very strong Support Pillars. Sometimes you just need someone to be there and listen; sometimes you need advice; sometimes you need hugs; sometimes you need cheering – these are some the functions of support pillar.

Food for thought: What tattoo would represent you and what’s your story?


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