Egypt fulfills me – it will always be a special place in my self-discovery journey. Now let me show you why this place is a gem. 


Personally, Cairo is a combination of India and Southeast Asia, that was my first thought. It’s a big city that has everything you need – historical buildings, modern expat area, bustling traffic, cultural communities, traffic, and dust! I would recommend at least 2 full days to visit Cairo.


  • Zamalek is a beautiful area, especially towards the north area. It is also a beautiful place to stay – it is a bit more expensive area (aka expat area).
  • Cairo Tower – this is the most beautiful spot to take the panoramic photo of Cairo. At the same time, the line to go up is pretty long to go up. Here’s a tip: Purchase the ticket that allows you food or drinks in the restaurant – and you get faster access up and you get to go to the panoramic view floor too.

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  • Islamic Cairo – It’s definitely a place to visit when you are in Cairo, a historical place is a wonderful place for multiple things. Food, Shopping, Photo taking, hanging out with friends having coffee… it’s an iconic place!

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  • Cairo Citadel – It’s one of those historical places that are listed for tourist to visit. citadel
  • Al Azhar Park – this is one of my favorite places in Cairo, you would have to pay to get inside but it’s one of my favorite spots for sunset. There is a beautiful restaurant inside the park and it has a beautiful view of the entire park. I would highly recommend having a picnic bringing your own food & drinks!

al azhar park

  • Pyramids & Sphinx, Giza – One of the biggest iconic world heritages in the world. It is a must to visit for everyone – but one piece of advice – build up your energy to be ready to say “NO”. There will be endless selling of photo opportunity with Camels, Riding Camels or Horse, showing the better sides of the pyramids. You need to learn “Le (No), Shukran (Thank You).”


  • Nile River – I’ve had amazing memories with Nile River. I had an interesting morning run next to it, I meditated on the boat sailing along the Nile River.

Since I was staying in Cairo longer, here are some of the residential places to visit if you are in town longer.

  • Osana Wellness Center – this beautiful spot is a paradise. This was the spot that I found my spiritual self. This is highly recommended if you are in Cairo for a longer term. There are interesting yoga, spiritual, healing classes that you may take to refresh your soul, body, and mind.
  • Cairo Festival City is a beautiful modern development located east of New Cairo. There are a lot of new restaurants and hangout cafés around this area.
  • ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) Animal Shelter – there are more than 500 dogs in the dogs’ shelter. This is a shelter in which you may walk the dogs with other volunteers. They depend on donation to sustain the facilities of the shelter – DONATE AWAY!

animal shelter


  • Dahab Hostel – a beautiful hostel with an awesome rooftop! The rooms and bathrooms are clean.
  • Marvel Stone Hotel, Giza – relatively new hotel with an awesome view of the pyramid.

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  • If you were staying long term – somewhere around Maadi Area would be awesome to live. Apparently, the government planted about one million trees to make this part of the city greener.
  • Nasr City is a modern, relatively younger generation neighborhood – one that’s filled with hipster cafes and restaurants.



  • Sequoia, Zamalek – this is one of those fancy, romantic, next to the Nile River restaurant. Food was not too bad; there is a good mix of local and fusion food for different taste buds.
  • Osana Wellness Café, Maadi – one of my favorite home-cooked vegan/vegetarian joint based on fresh ingredients.
  • Ralph’s German Bakery, Maadi – I didn’t venture to this bakery – but it was highly recommended by many locals who live here. Super famous bakery.
  • Zooba, Maadi or Zamalek – this is my top favorite chained restaurant in Cairo. This is one of the few reasons why I came back to Cairo a couple of times. Everything in this restaurant is GOOD and Delicious!


  • Abou El Sid Restaurant, Maadi – this is my favorite local food restaurant, not too expensive.
  • Maharaja Restaurant, Hilton – pretty good Indian food, a little bit more expensive.
  • Tree Trunk, Nasr City – Vegan restaurant that I’ve not tried but I would want to.
  • Kushari, El Tahrir Restaurant – the main place for one of the Egyptian signature dish – Kushari.


  • 3Almashy – accidentally found this restaurant, the molokhia was super good here. Love the chef – it feels like a small home-cooked restaurant.




  • Cairo Jazz Club – this is one of the oldest clubs in town – they have an awesome mix of bands.



This is not an awesome place to visit – however this is a popular destination for cheap flights heading to Europe. My personal recommendation is not to stay beyond 2 full days in Hurghada.


  • Ramoza Beach would be the recommended beach as you only pay EGP10 to enter which has fewer corals and cheaper compared to Orange Beach.

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  • I love walking around the street of Al Fondok – nothing major.


  • Zak’s Inn, Al Fondok – This is one of the best hotels around and it’s situated in the middle of Al Fondok (good location) and it’s a reasonable price.


  • GAD this is the local version of fast food, here you will find Falafel, Ful, Taamiya sandwiches which are cheap and good.
  • Seafood restaurants are famous here I didn’t try any.
  • Caribbean Bar – this was highly recommended for the sea view and hang out.



This is a must-do visit! There’s nothing else to say – but it’s a beautiful town filled with historical buildings! YOU HAVE TO VISIT HERE.


  • There are many East & West Bank Tours and please ensure they include these tombs and temples. The East temples are walking distance from the hostel that I recommend – you may eliminate that tour.
    • Karnak Temple – one of my favorite temples. Must visit!
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    • Valley of the Kings, West Bank  valley of the kings
    • Deir el Bahari, West Bank
    • Medinet Habu, West Bank
    • Luxor Temple, East Bank
  • Felucca Ride in Nile River to Banana Island – there are several boat tours around. It’s not entirely the most exciting Island – but the Felucca Ride is beautiful. nile river boat
  • I highly recommend to visit Temple of Hathor in Dandara, it’s about 45 minutes drive away from Luxor main town. This temple is the #1 most well-preserved temple in Egypt. I had so many magical experiences here! hathor temple




  • Falafel Place – I don’t know the exact location of this place, it’s where locals go to eat good Falafel. You may show the driver or locals this photo and they will guide you there. falafel




Dahab is a beautiful laid-back beach place that most locals go to and end up extending their stay there. It’s apparently the cheapest place to learn diving – and they have the world famous “Blue Hole” diving spot.


  • Friday Market – it’s an awesome market (mostly food) but it’s a great way to see everyone and meet everyone.
  • The Little Oasis is an experimental Permaculture Garden – you may volunteer or visit them. They also sell their salad on Friday Market. permaculturefarm


  • Apart from chilling out at the beach, drinking at bars, dining at restaurants – this is a place to get your PADI Diving License. I highly recommend to do it with Red Sea Relax. Processed with MOLDIV


  • King Chicken for local dishes king chicken
  • Hangout at Meya Meya – really cool hangout joint with bonfires
  • Marine Garden – the only vegan restaurant in town – really good breakfast!Processed with MOLDIV
  • Box Meal – reasonable good food boxmeal
  • Zanooba Slow Cooking – never had the chance to check this out – but I heard it’s good.



This is the city that I would move to – it’s the perfect combination of Greece + Egypt. These two countries offer spiritual combinations of love and history. In this city, you find yourself connecting to the ocean as you take a stroll along the coast. Connecting yourself with the town that offers you a great weekend getaway.


  • Library of Alexandria – this is a beautiful place to take photos, chill out on a hot sunny afternoon, have some quiet peaceful time.
  • Citadel of Qaitaby – a panoramic view of the city and the sea, this place is full of views. It’s only right to take a photo to show you are in Alexandria from here. citadel
  • Montaza Palace – if you have a car, drive to this place as it’s huge to walk around. Garden, more Sea-view, watching the sunset is just beautiful here.


  • Mohamed Ahmed – the most famous restaurant ever in Alexandria. They serve local food – best Lentil soup I’ve ever had! IMG_9169
  • Bamboo Flavors of Indonesia – an interesting restaurant, Chef is from Indonesia and she cooks with love. The only thing you have to bring is your appetite and patience as she cooks each dish carefully for all her customers. Don’t go to this restaurant if you are super hungry.
  • Greek Nautical Club (Greek Food) is the restaurant with a beautiful view. Every place I’ve been has this type of restaurant. The food here is superb and my favorite dish there was Melitzanosalata White & Blue. melitzanosalata white & blue



Within the cities, you may walk during the day around the towns. I love walking as it gives me a better perspective of the place.

  • Taxi – This is what I do… I would check out Uber or Careem for the price and wait time. Understand the traffic situation – if you are in a rush, use the price offered by Uber/Careem to negotiate a flat fee with the taxi before getting in.
  • Train – Trains are super convenient in Cairo and Alexandria – but I’m not too sure beyond that. Google Maps will help you find the location of the train and you might need some common sense on where to buy tickets and where to exit as they might not have English instructions. Locals are always very friendly if you ask with a smile.
  • Go Bus – this is a great bus service to travel in-between cities. Trains are good too – but I love taking the bus as you get to see more on the road. You may also download the app to book the bus ticket. Sometimes, the bus will stop a distance away from the stop – please ensure you check with the staff on where the bus will be picking up passengers.


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