In my Journey of finding myself, I was reborn in Egypt. Many of you asked what happened there and what is this spiritual journey that I’m on… To give you a glimpse into some parts of the beautiful conversations I had. Here’s one of it that was deeply beautiful. In the conversation with Iten, one of my Egyptian sister – we shared many deep conversations – including this one about PAIN.

Over dinner, we talked about how there is always the bright side of things, through our conversation, it made me reflect upon my journey in the first place. I had a big fight with my ex-colleague, and we didn’t talk about it and I just ignored it. I was miserable and it contributed to my resignation. As I reflected, I should be thankful for that situation, IF that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have started my journey and I wouldn’t have all these wonderful experiences. I sat there reflected that I should be grateful that things happened.

When there is PAIN, there is always light – light will teach you lessons and grow you. If you are stuck in PAIN, you can only feel pain. Sometimes, it’s just a mindset change to see things differently. There are no absolute revelations here but to simply observe and reflect. With enough practice of reflecting, you will know what is the right thing to do.

After dinner ended, I texted my ex-colleague and we exchanged deep level conversation and appreciated the friendship we made. My “miserable pain” was then released…

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