Egypt teaches me so many aspects of myself.

I met someone when I went to Italy; he was the seed of my spiritual journey. When we were together, we have learned a lot about each other and ourselves through time that we shared. When I had to leave EU due to the VISA, we had a period of the long-distance relationship. I’m no fan of the long-distance relationship. In the end, we broke things off. It was a period of confusion, but it was the beginning of my spiritual journey of getting to know myself. A wise woman told me this many years ago that I need to learn from my relationships – but I was too arrogant to listen to it – wanting to just go with the flow. So when I reflected on what this relationship taught me – I think the biggest lesson was that there are different ways to truly love someone. Sometimes the right way to love them is to let them go.

“You meet someone who changes your life, but knows that it doesn’t mean that your life has to change.”

I’ve read this somewhere, and that brings me joy to know this. You are bound to meet people who change your life – but you can’t just stop everything you are chasing to be with them.

He was in the phase in his life where it’s completely different from what I was after. I found myself changing my plans to be with him, and then I found myself being stuck. I grew into a selfish person who wants to control the situation, feeling that everything isn’t good enough as I’ve sacrificed a lot. As we move towards long distance – I couldn’t be happy and found it extremely hard to trust him. I knew that this was not the path I want to head towards. We decided to end this chapter and start a new chapter of loving each other as friends – supporting each other through difficult times and slowly ending the chapter of love.

“Sometimes, it takes a season of brokenness in order to find the joy and beauty that comes after transformation. To go from where you are to where you need to be, the sign signifies that process.”

I needed to go through the pain and darkness, and I needed to be broken to understand myself better. Reflecting on what happened and knowing what I know now brings me joy and happiness. I found my life purpose, through traveling, I found my new love and it all worked out beautifully.

I love reflecting on my journey as it teaches me something about myself every day.

“Because it doesn’t matter what you seek or what you find. What matters is that you allow your compass to guide you, and let your gifts and knowledge rise to the surface, so you can live out your life’s purpose.” – The Compass by John Spencer Ellis and Tammy Kling.

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