It is probably the second most common question people ask me. Are you seriously traveling alone? YES – it is possible. I will be honest, you are never alone.

After arriving Galway, I decided to do the day trips. Did not have time to mingle with others from the hostel, I decided to head out to party by myself. Obviously, being a female traveller has its perks – you get many help along the way (as my backpack was super big for an Asian lady to carry). People often offer to help carry my backpack.

As I was walking into the bar – there was a random guy asking me about the time – I had a weird feeling that this isn’t that simple. And I was right – he then started a conversation about are you alone? Can I join you and your friends at the bar? Here I was trying to make an escape plan – I got creative and head fast on our way to the bar counter and asked a guy who was buying a drink to just pretend talking to me. It worked! He left.

I then ordered my favorite drink – Guinness and was sipping through my drink. Enjoying the live music and trying not to look like a sad loner. I quickly caught a girl who was also standing alone with her drink and started to cheers with her. Soon enough another guy and a girl (who are my lifetime friends now) joined and the fun night started.

Moral of the story : You are never alone when you are doing your solo travel. You just have to go outside of your box and make yourself feel uncomfortable sometimes to meet people. If you do not like your situation, you are in charge to walk out of it strategically. How your travel trip – who you meet – what happens … all these are within your hands. You create your own destiny.


  1. Download Couchsurfing APP – get a chance to meet locals and fellow travellers. You may want to stay with them to experience “Homestay” or you can simply just attend a hangout session. BE sure to take time to write your profile and read the profile of the people you are meeting. Read their reviews too!
  2. Checkout MEET UP – another online tool to meet locals and fellow travellers.
  3. Use Tinder to meet people who moved to the city you are visiting, I am always very curious on the reason behind why people love the city they move to. (Of course, it isn’t just a simple app for meeting people – you know what it is for)
  4. Stay at Hostels – don’t stay at hotels as it may get lonely – unless your intention is to relax and have some peaceful sleep. Stay in hostels, airbnb with the host – this way you get to meet different kind of people in different stage in life and learn a lot from them.

That is it for now. Safe travels!



  1. for social people, it’s difficult to travel alone , but in Egypt it’s no problem,as you will not be alone,you will be surrounded with people who wish to be friends to you


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