I believe that every country, every city teaches me, coach me to find more things about myself. It is still a constant change on my end to reflect – reflecting is the only way I get to learn. All three times that I was in Paris, it was the occasion of romance. 

Talking about romance, we all have a different perspective of what romance is. I certainly had an image in my head of what romance is. With that definition of what romance is in my head, there was no room for any other definition.

My first trip to Paris was with my then boyfriend who brought me there as a surprise. It was an amazing trip, there were mixed emotions when I was there towards the end, as it was also time to return back to Malaysia. I was stuck in that emotion of feeling sad to depart, and that is what I remember – crying on the bridge watching the Eiffel Tower.

My second trip to Paris was with my mom, had a really close friend who drove me around in motorbike midnight and we hung out all night long. It was again a beautiful romantic evening. Seeing the city in that hour was a real change from the busy-hustling touristy self. This time – I tried to be more positive about what is happening at the moment.

I then came back from Ireland as a pit stop before heading down through Italy. This time I needed to mentally prepare for the goodbye. I tried focusing on just enjoying the moment as much as I can. It isn’t easy – I must admit, I often get so lost in my own thoughts and it pulls the energy level down. I tried as hard as possible to be aware of the situation and enjoying the moment. A part of me was ready to say goodbye as I am continuing my journey.

It is amazing what our mental state of mind can do – now I remember all the good memories of that trip and not let negative thoughts take over the present moment. I get to enjoy my life better. Little by little, day by day, I am trying to live the present moment, and I start to find the secret way of living – just being in the state of mind appreciating every little thing and asking the golden question. “Are you happy at this present moment? This very moment – not the past, not the future, not thoughts but just the present moment.”

I strongly suggest you reflect on this question for yourself. If you would like to find out more about this – try reading the book – THE POWER OF NOW by ECKHART TOLLE.

Till next time.

Love & Peace.

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