I have no idea how big and culturally different state by state is in Africa. When I was in Kenya, I stayed in a smaller town called – Thika, which is approximately 45 minutes away from Nairobi. I spent my time working together with a team who works for the children. There were 15 children in this home, where the kids live with their guardians (either grandmother or aunt/uncle).

During one of the days where we visited their homes, this grandmother took out their best food in the house (eg. eggs) and asked one of the children to go purchase milk. I noticed that they didn’t have much food in the kitchen, but they took out everything that was premium to serve us. They were not worried about the amount of food they have left. They just give unconditionally – this made me reflect on a couple of things. How we are in the mindset of protecting what we have, being careful about how we go about living, ensuring things are safe. My two weeks in Thika taught me to seek true happiness, sometimes we just need to have fun and laugh.

“Laughter cures all your troubles away” – someone very wise told me in Thika.


A beautiful town is full of the most beautiful and heartwarming people. Take a Matatou, the local public transportation, which cost about USD10 to Thika from Nairobi. The experience of riding a Matatou is super fun – I love the Swahili music they play and the energy you get from the locals.


  • Volunteering with Jiamini CBO (Orphanage) – they are the sweetest bunch of crazy fun souls! I love them very much.


  • Day trip to Umoja (beautiful women village), awesome story (watch the video) behind this village. Beautiful jewelry making that they do. If you would like to order their jewelry and donate some money to their cause – please do let me know.


On your way back, you may also stop at the Equator. equator



  • Spoon Zoom Restaurant
  • Amazon Restaurant



Obviously, you would need to visit Nairobi – the capital of Kenya. We had a very short stay here in Nairobi as we were booked to head towards Masai Mara.  


  • All Saints Cathedral – have a cup of coffee/tea there – the trees are just simply amazing.
  • Giraffe Center – not a big fan of containment for animals – but Giraffe Center isn’t like a typical zoo. It’s open space for Giraffe. You get to feed them ^_^.

Giraffe Center

  • Rooftop view at Kenya International Convention Center (Helipad) – you get to see the entire city.
  • 3 Days @ Masai Mara Safari – highly recommend this! No words can justify the experience. MUST DO!safari



  • Al Yusra in the town center
  • Nook Café – my personal fav as they feature a special chef every now and then. It’s an amazing little spot!



The overall experience in Kenya made me realize there are so many other things in life that I have not fully learn and see. There was always this judgment that Africa isn’t safe, but I am lucky to say that Kenya (for me) is the happiest place I’ve felt on earth. People are just simply amazing and happy! Makes me miss them so much writing this… See you all soon! Sending you all lots of love and kisses!

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