As I left Germany, leaving my love in the bus station, there was a shed of a tear. I was heading towards the Balkan area – running off towards the EU free zone. As a Malaysian, we are privileged to be having a passport that is pretty acceptable throughout the world (180 countries to be exact). My flight was heading to the most Eastern part of the Balkans as I had to end the Balkan trip in Croatia.

Traveling through the Balkans taught me a few things, I had only two nights in Sofia, Bulgaria. I arrived pretty late in the hostel and was greeted by an old man. My first impression of this guy wasn’t all that good. My first few words to describe him were “Lazy” and “unfriendly”. Many of us tend to do that pretty fast, especially when you encounter someone who is completely different from you and your values. We often jump into conclusions and do not give space for the person to just be who they are.

As per the book that I am currently reading, – The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. We all have this EGO that brings us into a state of mind that we are not aware of. The only practice to see ourselves better is to be aware.

I was pretty judgemental there about the old man. I have to “pause” myself and observe my judgemental self. I was obviously feeding my own ego, to find evidence that would prove that I was right about this guy. This exercise of feeding into our judgment to ensure we are “right” is the source of feeding upon the ego. With this ego growing, we grew apart from humanity – we grew apart from being compassion.

This exercise of “pause” comes pretty handily to be more aware of yourself. As soon as I was aware of my judgemental self, my entire perspective shifted and became more careful about my quick judgment towards him. I am sure we all had this moment.

Before you were the thoughts, emotions and reactions; now you are the awareness, the conscious presence that witness those states.” – The New Earth, Eckhart Tolle.

Take a moment to reflect on this. Namaste.


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